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What is the Renaissance Era?
It was a time immediately following the Middle Ages in European civilization. The word 'renaissance' is derivative from the French word for 'rebirth', signifying how Europe came out of the dark ages, reawakening in art, culture, science, technology, and music.

It was an incredible time of beauty, blossoming with creativity and curiosity. The Renaissance era also witnessed the discovery and exploration of new continents, the growth of commerce, and the inventions of innovations such as paper, printing, the mariner’s compass and gunpowder. To the scholars and thinkers of the day, however, it was primarily a time of the revival of Classical learning and wisdom after a long period of cultural decline and stagnation.

Whilst scholars may debate over the exact timing of the Renaissance, there is little dispute that the events of the period ultimately led to advances that changed the way people understood and interpreted the world around them. It led to the rise of geniuses like Leonardo da Vinci, René Descartes, Christine de Pizan, Galileo, Dante, Milton, Shakespeare, Michelangelo, Sofonisba Anguissola, and more. These names are still praised and credited today for giving us some of the best works of art and ideas ever produced. Without the Renaissance would these names have risen to prominence?
And where would we be today without them?

We hope you enjoy the Grid-wide Hunt and appreciate the gifts provided by our generous merchants, offered as reflections of The Renaissance Era.

Mieville Historical Hunt proudly presents our annual RENAISSANCE HUNT
You will be seeking the gargoyle (pictured below) for both the hint, which will be on or near the Renaissance Faire Poster near the shop landing, and the hidden gift.

  Renaissance Faire Welcome Center
Click on the Hint Gargoyle after landing, then seek the Hunt Gargoyle
which will be within 20 meters of the landing.  

 {archduchess}    Jayleden Miles
Fairies, Statues, Oh My!

 All Things Beautiful    Silver Aster
Texture Shop

 Angel Fae Boutique    Sorrell Fang       
Renaissance, Medieval, and Fae attire 

 Bibliothèque de Coeur    Farzaneh Eel
SL's finest interactive library!

  Botanica     Cara Cali (caracali.nova)
Holiday, Home and Garden. The gargoyle is on the Winery and Farm Level.
Take the mirror Teleport.

 Country Crafter     Aquarius Denimore (Aquarius27)
 I create a lot of vintage wood items along with other items of a retro vintage vibe
evoking feelings of nostalgia like a grandmas attic.
Most of my items are interactive.  I also have a lot of art work.
I can also do custom work and personalization on many of the items I create.

 Dalrymple Designs    SarahDalrymple Resident
Clothes for Legacy and Slink bodies, home decor, and full perm textures

 Davarts Design
Shedenka Davarts Art Design

 Douglas Fairlady            Douglas Fairlady
Buildings and decoration - Historical, XIX and XX Centuries
Victorian - Belle Epoque - Steampunk

Dragonsworn, where all your full perm needs are met with great prices,
easy to understand and use TOS, and a huge diversity in products.

EED Home & Garden     BB Woodford
Decorations for home, garden, nature scenes

 Emma's @ Blue Moose    Emma Krokus
Whimsical Home & Garden Items ~ Visitors Welcome! 
Please feel free to try the merchandise. Expect surprises and... beware of the frogs...

!!Firelight!!  - Teresa Firelight
!!Firelight!! Hair - quality mesh Female hair .. 
long, short, updos, curls, casual, dressy/formal, sassy, playful.
 (Also small male & unisex selection).
 We also have Fantasy, Dark RP/Goth hair, discounted Hair, & an Art Gallery

GPA .:. Ghostraven's Professional Attire
Beth Ghostraven
Ghostraven Professional Attire (GPA) has long been known for modest-looking system
and prim clothing for ladies, gentlemen, and anyone in between.
It's easy to find what you need with GPA's color-coded mix-and-match clothing.

These BoM or flexi layers can be worn by classic avatars and almost all mesh avatars.
I welcome any suggestions, and will do custom combinations of our designs, fabrics, and colors.

GPA .:. Dinkies
Beth Ghostraven
Ghostraven Professional Attire (GPA) has long been known for modest-looking system
and prim clothing for ladies, gentlemen, and anyone in between.
GPA's color-coded mix-and-match clothing is now available for Dinkies avatars! 

These are BoM or mesh layers, so you will need to ADD them.
I welcome any suggestions, and will do custom combinations of our designs, fabrics, and colors.

 Grasshopper Street    MitraArdwyad
Original mesh hats, accessories & clothing with vintage style,
ranging from medieval to mid-century,
with the occasional dash of New Orleans flair.

 Halloween Delights    Joell Jurgis
From the landing, take the East path between
 Skellyland & Decorations to the Hint
Halloween Delights, Animesh & Animated monsters, ghosts, skeletons,
witches, zombies and all things scary.
Over 444 Costumes, Fall trees, pumpkins and home and garden decor. Since 2006

In World Navigators       Dax Morningstar
After landing, use this LM to get to the shop
Part of the Library of Pirate History, on the sim, top of the hill

 Jinxed Toys & Magic!    Amadine Abonwood
An eclectic mix of magic and whimsy!

 Kim's Kreations    Kim (kimberleyalice1961)
Kim's Kreations Home, Garden & More for every season

le glamouriste   ๖̶̶̶ۣۣۜۜ͜ζ͜͡Goddess Ma'at  (Alessandra Corvinus)
Elegant & unique fashions for ladies and gents in Contemporary,
Ancient Egyptian, Greco-Roman & Medieval/Renaissance Costume
& Roleplay styles, accessories and decor too!

  Lindy Modern & Retro Shoes
Lindy (Delinda Abbott)

 Lineage    zyn  (xzynna rae)
Large Fantasy Store

 Meadow's Whimsy    Meadow Copperfield
 You'll find interesting, fun things to satisfy your whimsy which includes
Wyrmwood Faerie Eggs, Fairy Food, Fairy Homes, Items for Petites,
Whimsical Furniture and Furnishings, Low Prim Cottages, Gazebos,
Sculpted Art, Fountains, Jewelry, and an assortment of Wings-regular & petite

  Miss Violet's    MissSweetViolet 
 A shop with a small hodgepodge of items.

 Multifarious        Kes Styxx (Kes Heartsong)
Kinda like Wal-mart, without the auto department, and with Farm & Fleet added in.
Grid-Wide Hunt Gift
Renaissance Faire Game Gift

 My PiXeL PuPpEt    Aesirah Resident
Be what you wanna be @ MpP
Art, Avatars & Accessories

Jewelry and special clothes, designed with the intention to empower you
on your journey through SL.
Presentations demos available for all items.

 Nocturne Skies    Velcon Ethaniel 
 The shop specializes in all kinds of things. 

 Panthar Full Perm Sounds    Lara Panthar
FP sound shop at Mieville Piazza

 Rose Your Life (RYL)     LadyRosabella Resident
(Follow the Tracks)
Adult site: Realistic Pictures & Body Paints, Clothes, Furniture and Shapes..  
You can find in every Part Medieval , Fantasy and Earth.

Rozamyndi's     Rozamyndi Brimm
Victorian / Steampunk hats and fashion 

and ART-Animated Textures Full Perm
Sanna Jupiter 
Follow the Tracks
SL's finest selection of more than 3000 full perm animated textures of all kind:
Fire, Water, Cyber, Steampunk, Vintage, Psychedelic, Disco, Animals, Landscapes,
Love, Halloween, Christmas and much more ! Group- and Free Gifts,
 MM Boards and Lucky Chairs.
Science: Stroke Expo and Information/Hospital, Survey

 Shaman's Hut    Prokofy Neva    
Follow the Tracks
Here's my magical fairy dryad elven wiccan mysterious magic stuff! 
My special Surprise Eggs of fantasy and literary scenes.
 Innovative props for Land Preserve, deliverable food items, books, and chores!
Dinkie desks & accessories. Shaman's Horse Trough.

Shiny Joyful Creations
Shiny White Dragon (ShinyWhiteDragon)
Shoulder Pets, Emitters, Gestures, Ridable / flyable Dragons ,
Rideable / jumpable Kangaroos,
Overhead Signs, AFK Signs, Dragon Followers,
 Drawings for your Wall, Steampunk Airships, Furnitures.

 Simply Sebastian    Sebby  (SebastianTiogar)   
Upscale clothing for men, women, & children.  Clothes with flash, flare, and a sense of style!
We offer ladies day and evening dresses, men's clothes,
 historical outfits, and some buildings and furnishings.

 Splintered Creations     SinclaireWorthington
Home & Garden Decor

Stone's Works      Darkstone Aeon

 Storybook Cats Shop    Una   (Unalunaqat)
Storybook Cats shop sells interactive, breedable pet cats from KittyCats!,
plus gacha resale. Visit Kittytown and enjoy the cats!

TFF            Tayren Theas
TFF Main Shop with Fantasy and Vintage items for men and ladies - 
Valentine's Day, Flowers, gowns,  clothing, hair, fairies,
armor, baroque, renaissance, lingerie, tuxedos, hair, jewelry, decorations   

 Thistle Moon Designs
Carline Thistle Studely Moon  (FlowerTower)
Historical, modern, and fantasy clothing and accessories for
men, women, teens, and children.

 Touryuumon: Maho Sukuroru
Silverfox Rainbow
Follow the Tracks
Be Spirited away via train to a village in the mountains,
 Touryuumon with unique items, skins, mods and other trinkets
the Village is preparing for its Halloween Festivities

United InshCon    eldowyn Inshan 

 Ye Olde Panda Panda Store
Liam Metaluna
Shop at Yongchon contains most of my music boxes,
wall decorations and wind spinners

    Roger Thunders
Games, Gadgets, textures, and more.

Mieville Welcome Center
Final Grid-wide gift is now available

Now that you've finished the Hunt, return to the Faire 
Wander into the past and explore the various aspects
of the Renaissance Era!  Enjoy Rides, Pirates, and more!
It's teatime social meets, and a variety of merchants, 

Play the Scavenger Hunt game to get points to trade in for gifts.
And you won't want to miss the "Finding Fortunato Quest"
And be sure to take a ride on da Vinci's Aeriel Screw Ride!
Take this link back to the Faire.  All the information is there.

From your avid Hunter, 

This marks my final Historical Hunt Blog.  I've truly enjoyed my experiences here but it's time for someone else to take up the mantle.  I wish them every success, whomever they may be.

Credits: Text by Meadow; Product photos submitted by merchants and used with permission

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