Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Grand Opening of Anuenue!

Hi all — Thursday Sept. 28 is the Grand Opening of Mieville sister sim Anuenue! The landing spot for the event is the KatGarten area; the event will take place from 5:00pm -7:00 pm SLT. Plan to attend!

Grand Opening Host and Owner Jamie Peterson has created Anuenue (Hawaiian for "Rainbow", and pronounced  ah-new-ee-new-ee) to be "a place of respite for the soul." The public area of Anuenue is known as Enchanted Isle and includes a welcome center, several shops, social spots and areas to explore, hang out, and enjoy. (And in case you were wondering, Jamie's region was formerly known as Scarbbethia and in June was rebranded and redesigned as Anuenue to better fit Jamie's vision.)

As you visit, please be aware that Anuenue includes both public areas and some private homes. Please do refrain from entering any private residence unless you are invited in by its resident. Also, all are requested to please refrain from flying above 500 meters at Anuenue. And like Mieville, Jamie reminds that Anuenue is rated Moderate but treated as PG in public areas. Thank you for complying!

Now, let's tour some of the highlights of Anuenue's Enchanted Isle public areas! 

Anuenue Logo

Anuenue is located to the north of the Mieville microcontinent.

It's helpful to consult your Mini-Map during your first few visits, particularly as you explore beyond the Shopping Plaza area.

The Welcome Center is the main landing spot. You'll see on your Map that you are in the southeast corner of the region. Just outside the doors of the Center is the Anuenue Shopping Plaza, where you'll find familiar shops from many of our friends:  

Anuenue Shops: Meadow's Whimsy & Refinement Menswear
Anuenue Shops: Simply Sebastian and Candy Castle 

Anuenue Shops: The Rainbow Phoenix and All Things Beautiful

Top row, L-R: Meadow's Whimsy by Meadow Copperfield and Refinement Menswear by Ryan Archer
Middle row,
 L-R: Simply Sebastian by Sebby Tiogar and Candy Castle by Jamie Peterson 
Bottom row, L-R: The Rainbow Phoenix by Jamie Peterson and All Things Beautiful by Silver Aster

The Shopping Plaza is bordered by tall hedges. You'll need to go north from the Welcome Center, walking toward the pretty rose gazebo shown in the photo below, and to your left (west) you'll see an arched hedge and a pathway leading out to other areas of the Enchanted Isle. 

Anuenue - Walking down the sidewalk Anuenue - Vast meadows and flowers

Go through the arch and right away you are in the midst of vast lush meadows with gently rolling hills covered with flowers, trees, and lots of space for restful exploration. Wandering about you'll encounter magical fairies, unicorns, deer, wildlife, and more plus beautiful relaxation spots. Have fun discovering hidden treasures & photo ops! 

Anuenue - Garden mushrooms and a helpful mouse
Anuenue - Flower fields photo op

Walking toward the northeast quadrant of the Anuenue region, you'll spot waterfalls and an old bridge that leads to a small isle. Here is the location of Perryn's Memorial, a beautiful and serene spot dedicated to Mieville's founder and leader Perryn Peterson.  

Anuenue - Approaching Perryn Peterson Memorial
Anuenue - Quiet Reflection at Perryn Peterson Memorial

All Mievillians are invited to visit, reflect and pay their respects at the Memorial. It is because of Perryn that Mieville and our traditions exist and how we came to be here together even today. Profound gratitude is due to Perryn, Mr. Mayor, Jamie's husband, and our friend.

Anuenue - Bridge leading to Perryn Peterson MemorialAnuenue - Perryn Peterson Memorial Statue

Returning through the flower meadows and south of the shopping area: In the southwest corner of Anuenue's Enchanted Isle, there is a pretty beach area with a wooden gazebo and large Tiki bar and grill area with lots of seating right by the ocean front. Adjacent is another seating area with beach lounge chairs and hammocks to rest and enjoy the rejuvenating ocean waters.

Anuenue - Beach front gazebo and Tiki grill and bar

Jamie has built a lovely paradise here at Anuenue!

There is SO much more here! Please do attend the Opening if you are able, and plan to visit for your own explorations! My photos cannot do justice to the beauty and tranquility of Jamie's Anuenue!

Again, the details: Grand Opening Sept. 28 from 5:00-7:00pm SLT; arrive at KatGarten area 

We wish Jamie and friends all the best at Anuenue! Sincere thanks for sharing this beautiful space with us! 

Your friendly Mieville Librarian & Roving Blogger,

Credits: Anuenue Logo used with permission; photos by Farzy

Friday, September 22, 2023

Ren Faire Gargoyle Game: Redeem your points!

REMINDER: Mieville's 13th Annual Grid-wide Renaissance Hunt is running through Sept. 24! How to get started? Consult our Participating Shops lists with SLurls / TP's here on our MHH Blog - enjoy our Renaissance Hunt XIII!!

FINISHED the grid-wide Hunt? Vote for your top 5 faves here!

Hi everyone — Have you been playing the Gargoyle game? If so, don't forget to redeem your points for prize(s)! We're on the last few days of Mieville's annual Renaissance Hunt & Faire, which ends Sept. 24.  Here's a list of the game's participating merchants and TP's to their sites, arranged by points needed!

5 Points

Storybook Cats: Game

10 Points

Ellen's Stuff: Two different top hats, 10 points each

Meadow's Whimsy: Wise Blinking Dragon's eye

15 Points

Bibliothèque de Coeur: Nicholas Flamel interactive book

"La Pierre Philosophale: La transmutation des métaux" (The Philosopher's Stone: The Transmutation of Metals") is a readable and resizable 6-page book by the real-life manuscript seller and alchemist Nicholas Flamel (ca. 1330-1418); in French.

25 Points

Complete Me:  Fluffies set, 25 points seach

Dragonsworn: Two different Fluffies sets, 25 points each

Jinked: Two different Fluffies sets, 25 points each

25-30-50 Points

Botanica: 3 different Oktoberfest items (2 for 25 points each, 1 for 30 points), and Autumn Flower Arrangement in deco crystal with candles for 50 points

40-50 Points

GPA Dinkies: Renaissance waistcoat (40 pts), Renaissance gown (50 pts)

Very dapper!!

Ghostraven Professional Attire: Renaissance outfit for men (40 pts); Renaissance outfit for women (50 pts)

100 Points

Wonderworks: Three different sliding picture viewers, 100 points each

The famed calendar from Les Très Riches Heures de Duc de Berry, as painted by the Limbourg Brothers. 

Other viewers available are of Flemish masks and Illuminated breviaries. 

Multifarious: *M* Hewn Dining Set

Dalrymple Designs: Old School Kitchen

Angel Fae Boutique: Spring Roses leather dress in mesh

FT Design: 3 different art works, 100 points each

750 Points

Grasshopper St: King Charles I Earring

Redeem your points now! :)) Hope you all had fun during the big Renaissance grid-wide Hunt, Ren Faire browsing & shopping, and the games at the Faire. We would love to hear your feedback! Feel free to reply here or contact any member of the admin team. I personally would love to hear any feedback about the grid-wide Hunt, what worked well and what we might do to improve. Please DM me in SL or send me a notecard. Thanks so much!!

Your friendly Mieville Librarian and Hunter-Shopper-Explorer,

Monday, September 18, 2023

Renaissance Faire Round-Up: Last days!

REMINDER: Mieville's 13th Annual Grid-wide Renaissance Hunt is running through Sept. 24! How to get started? Consult our Participating Shops lists with SLurls / TP's here on our MHH Blog - enjoy our Renaissance Hunt XIII!!

FINISHED the grid-wide Hunt? Vote for your top 5 faves here!

Hi all! It's hard to believe but we are now in the last week of the annual Renaissance Faire extravaganza! We've covered all the shops participating in our 13th annual Renaissance Hunt and the games at the Ren Faire, but now it's time to shine some more light on the Renaissance Faire site itself! 

I started my tour of the Ren Faire site at the North end and then went NORTHEAST, down the east side to the southeast corner, then going West... and then I kinda got turned around a bit! Winding around and around and moving toward the center, I believe all the shops and carts are included here, along with a few of the sights. (If you have more than 1 shop/booth/cart for your one store, I tried to include only one here for the sake of space - thanks for understanding!) If any unique shop has been missed, please do let me know so I can add it! 

But first, I want to start with two fun carnival rides that are on the East side of the site. These are huge and fun, but if you've mainly been shopping at the site you might have missed them. Be sure to visit them now!

Linker and Swinging Ship Rides, by Kerhop Seattle and

Mieville's Renaissance Faire 2023 - Carnival ride by Kerhop Seattle

Mieville's Renaissance Faire 2023 - Carnival ride 2 by Kerhop Seattle

L-R: Linker, Swinging Ship; photos by Farzy

Many thanks to Kerhop for adding these! Gather some friends and have some fun photo ops! These items also for sale at Kerhop's Ren Faire booth

Renaissance Faire 2023 Round-Up: Shops, Carts, Sights

Have fun visiting and getting the most out of the Ren Faire shops these last few days! Just for ease of browsing, the Shops and Carts are listed below in alpha order. Shops that are also participating in the Renaissance Hunt XIII are marked with an asterisk, so you can read more about those shops in our previous posts!  
(See our posts on Renaissance Hunt XIII Tours One, Two, and Three for coverage!)

1. Accolade: The Jewelry Store, by Anna Adamant Albion

Tons of vintage and modern jewelry for women and men...

2. * All Things Beautiful, by Silver Aster

3. * Angel Fae Boutique, by Sorrell Scorpio

4. Arcadia Asylum, by Aley / Briony Juran

Mieville's Renaissance Faire 2023 - Visiting Arcadia Asylym waterfront, by Briony Juran

All along the North side of the Ren Faire site, Briony has created a pirate's paradise of ships, shops, and taverns. Here be pirates!!

5. * Bibliothèque de Coeur, by Farzaneh Eel

Mieville's Renaissance Faire 2023 - Bibliothèque's paper- and vellum-making exhibit, by F. Eel

This Ren Faire shop is designed as a Renaissance Printer's Shop with books for sale; paper- and vellum-making exhibit outdoors in back. (Oh, did you think I was doing my laundry here?) 😄

6. Big Chris Customs, by Christoph Dragonsworn

  • Lots of motorcycles here...

7. * Botanica, by Cara Cali

and Finding Fortunato Quest, by Cara Cali

8. Builders Factory, by Pierre Ceriano

Mieville's Renaissance Faire 2023 - Visiting Builders Factory, by Pierre Ceriano

Full perm Renaissance architectural and building components, beautiful tile textures, and more...

9. Candy Castle, by Jamie Peterson

Mieville's Renaissance Faire 2023 - Visiting Candy Castle, by Jamie Peterson

Hmm.... it's so hard to choose just one item from Candy Castle!

10. Complete Me, by Annakari Genesis

  • Steampunk clothing, antlers, more - "designed to work with full-perm or modifiable products sold by other creators; these are NOT stand-alone products" 

11. * Country Crafter, aquarius dennimore 

  • Artwork and furniture, some Halloween items

12. * Dalrymple Designs, by Sarah Dalrymple

13. * Dragonsworn, by Annakari Genesis

14. Ellen's Stuff, by Ellen Sideways

15. Evolution King (Cart), by kingJYB

16. * Firelight: Men's Hair, by Teresa Firelight

17. FT Design, by Akiv Wizardly

Mieville's Renaissance Faire 2023 - Visiting FT Design, by Akiv Wizardly

  Original & vibrant framed artwork and women's clothing ...

18. * Ghostraven Professional Attire, by Beth Ghostraven

19. * le glamouriste, by Goddess Ma'at

Lovely decor inside le glamouriste shop...

20. * GPA Dinkies, by Beth Ghostraven

21. * Grasshopper St., by Mitra Ardwyad

  • Renaissance hats, headgear, ruffs, clothing for men and women

22. * Impertinences, by nana Saenz

23. Jinked, by Annakari Genesis

  • Renaissance clothing for women

24. * Kim's Kreations, by kimberleyalice1961

25. Lae's Gallery (Cart), by Laeluna Galuptra

Mieville's Renaissance Faire 2023 - Visiting Lae's Gallery cart, by Laeluna Galuptra

Lots of pretty framed artwork by Lae...

26. * Lindy Modern & Retro Shoes, by Delinda Abbott

27. * Lineage, by xzynna rae

28. * Meadow's Whimsy, by Meadow Copperfield

  • Beautiful Renaissance basins, fairy wings, rugs, more

29. Medieval Fantasy (Cart), by Medieval Fantasy

30. * Multifarious, by Kes Styxx

  • Renaissance housewares, food, more

31. The Music Box, by Cara Cali 

Mieville's Renaissance Faire 2023 - Visiting The Music Box, by Cara Cali

Playing up a storm at The Music Box...  

32. The Mustard Seed, by Lavinia Godenot

Mieville's Renaissance Faire 2023 - Visiting The Mustard Seed cart, by Lavinia Godenot

Home decor and garden items... this unicorn setting is so pretty!

33. * My PiXeL PuPpEt, by Aeriah

  • Pixie avatars, Nixies, Nukus, and additional micro avatars

34. * Shiny Joyful Creations, by Shiny White Dragon

35. * Simply Sebastian, by Sebastian Tiogar

  • Clothing for children, men, women; furniture and more

36. Simply Shelby (Cart), by Shelby Olivier

Mieville's Renaissance Faire 2023 - Visiting Simply Shelby cart, by Shelby Olivier

Hmm, these ovens and supplies make me think even I can learn how to bake bread...

37. * Stone's Works, by Darkstone Aeon

  • All-gender Renaissance pirate-style hats, boots, and more

38. * Storybook Cats (Cart), by Unalunaqat

39. * TFF, by Tayren Theas

  • Renaissance clothing for women and men 

40. * Thistle Moon, by Carline Thistle Studley Moon

41. Toor Equestrians, by BelAmi Hijinks

  • You can get information here on TOOR Estates...

42. * Touryuumon, by Silverfox Rainbow

  • Animal & fantasy avatars, Dinkie outfits, fingernails and more

43. * WonderWorks, by Roger Thunders

44. * Ye Olde Panda Panda, by Liam Metaluna

Last, there aren't products for sale at the following sites but they are nice places to visit. All were styled by Unalunaqat and Bella Bradley, who fashioned the entire Renaissance Faire site - many thanks!

Mieville's Renaissance Faire 2023 - Static jousting display

Umm, should I be standing here... ?

Renaissance Faire Welcome Center

Renaissance Food Market

Jousting Display

Lothbury Mayor House

Renaissance Faire Tavern

Mieville's 13th annual grid-wide Renaissance Hunt and the Renaissance Faire run through Sept. 24. Be sure to finish the grid-wide Hunt and get in your last visits to the Renaissance Faire site. Enjoy!!

Your friendly Mieville Librarian and Hunter-Shopper-Explorer,

Credits: Photos by Farzy

Saturday, September 16, 2023

Renaissance Hunt XIII: Tour #3 Around the Ren Hunt Grid!

REMINDER: Mieville's 13th Annual Grid-wide Renaissance Hunt is running! How to get started? Consult our Participating Shops lists with SLurls / TP's here on our MHH Blog - enjoy our Renaissance Hunt XIII!!

Hi everybody - It's time for Round 3 of our Ren Hunt Highlights!
(Missed our previous Rounds? Check them out here: Round 1 and Round 2!!)

Reminder that these are not photos of the Hunt gifts (find some of those here) but photos I've taken from this group of shops I've visited. Hey, I made good on my goal to get to every single shop! So, without further ado... here we go one last time, in random order and starting with.....

Dragonsworn, by Annakari Genesis

Anna's humongous store is filled with a really wide range of full-perm mesh creations. You'll find sad plushy bunnies, a cute and colorful flying mini-airplane, kiosks, spikes, holiday items... all manner of practical, decorative, fun, silly, and/or spooky creations and all full-perm! Stop by and explore!

Love the jewel-tone color palette of Meadow's store! Here you'll find a lot of super pretty fantasy items here like mushroom lamps, crystals, fairy eggs you can cultivate, fairy gazebos, flexi wings, pretty floral rugs and much more!

Mieville's 13th annual Renaissance Hunt - Visiting Meadow's Whimsy

!!Firelight!!, by Teresa Firelight

Can I get my braids touched up here? All this teleporting from shop-to-shop has gotten me frizzy... And wow, this new-to-me hair store with salon is huge! Once the Ren Hunt is over, I seriously need to let my hair down and come back. I can see there are a lot of pretty styles here!

Mieville's 13th annual Renaissance Hunt - Visiting Firelight

Jinxed Toys & Magic!, by Amadine Abonwood

Here's another new-to-me store! You'll find a lot of fun and quirky items and gifts here, including wind-up doll keys, flight wings, fountains, goddess staffs, steampunk flying vehicles, and much more! Come give a visit!

Mieville's 13th annual Renaissance Hunt - Visiting Jinxed Toys & Magic

Panthar Full Perm Sounds, by Lara Panthar

Wow, a very wide array of full-perm sounds for your creations and just plain fun! Sounds include songs, violin music, Morse code, radio static, heavy rain, thunder, wind, spooky creaking doors, and much more! You can also give a listen to any of the sounds in this new-to-me shop!

Mieville's 13th annual Renaissance Hunt - Visiting Panthar Full Perm Sounds

Douglas Fairlady, by Douglas Fairlady

This is a small shop on the color-explosion that is Verne II, to the west on the Mieville microcontinent. Here you will find some meticulously crafted small treasures, the most gorgeous amphora you'll ever see, and my new Bestie, my little green texting friend here! Love!  

Mieville's 13th annual Renaissance Hunt - Visiting Douglas Fairlady

{archduchess}, by Jayleden Miles

Wow, this shop took my breath away! I am seriously impressed by the magical-mystery statuary in this new-to-me store! Be sure to wander through each room of this multi-level palace. You'll find breath-taking beautiful surprises every place you look!

Mieville's 13th annual Renaissance Hunt - Visiting archduchess

Splintered Creations, by Sinclair Worthington

Couldn't resist posing with these two aliens and their strapped-on little gnome. What does it all mean? It means you're at Splintered Creations, another fun shop! Lots of outdoor decor items, plants, sculpture, honeybee art (love!) and more!

Mieville's 13th annual Renaissance Hunt - Visiting Splintered Creations

Bibliothèque de Coeur, by Farzaneh Eel

Hey, it's back to my roots with the original Book Chat circle in the French Enlightenment room, surrounded by books by great writers of that period! The Bibliothèque is a real working library with hundreds of world classics in English, French, Spanish, Latin & Italian, Chinese, plus many additional languages. Stop by to browse & read!

Mieville's 13th annual Renaissance Hunt - Visiting Bibliothèque de Coeur

Botanica, by Cara Cali

Botanica is a very well-known huge garden center in SL with a wide variety of plants and so much more to offer! There are tons of indoor and outdoor deco items, artwork, flower arrangements, plus there are lots of Halloween items currently out. I'm channeling Where the Wild Things Are with this colorful group, and loving it!

Mieville's 13th annual Renaissance Hunt - Visiting Botanica

Lineage, by xzynna rae

Here's another new-to-me shop and new-to-me concept of growing and cooking food in SL, fishing, crafting, farming and much more as part of a community. They advertise as family and child friendly too. Stop by the shop to browse and get a notecard explaining it all!

Mieville's 13th annual Renaissance Hunt - Visiting Lineage

Country Crafter, by Aquarius Denimore

Stop by the Ren Faire to visit the Country Crafter stall, as I'm told Aquarius's shop is in the midst of being set up. On display here is an interesting selection of lectern and book, some home decor, and a mysterious sci-fi-looking all-seeing eye! Stay tuned for more from Aquarius!

Mieville's 13th annual Renaissance Hunt - Visiting Country Crafter at the Ren Faire site

Angel Fae Boutique, by Sorrell Fang

Sorrell is my neighbor to the east on Kipling in the Mieville microcontinent, but I had never been to Angel Fae Boutique before. There's lots of women's gowns and dresses here and other pretty items. I adore these wearable butterfly wings! (And have you seen their Ren Hunt prize? Gorge!!)

Mieville's 13th annual Renaissance Hunt - Visiting Angel Fae Boutique

All Things Beautiful, by Silver Aster

Silver's texture store is jam-packed with beautiful seamless textures galore! During my visit I saw pretty marbled paper and handmade flower paper; irresistible laces; floral & organic designs, and more. What surprised me during this visit were the wonderful food textures. Now I'm hungry for more!

Mieville's 13th annual Renaissance Hunt - Visiting All Things Beautiful

Kim's Kreations, by kimberleyalice1961

Here's another new-to-me store! Kim is my neighbor to the west on Kipling, and her large store is filled with super pretty decorative items, Steampunk gadgets (including a hilarious cute Steampunk rockin' penguin goggle-wearing guitarist), period and modern furniture, pride merchandise, and more. Come and explore!

Mieville's 13th annual Renaissance Hunt - Visiting Kim's Kreations

Grasshopper St., by Mitra Ardwyad

Do you crave a historical hat that is astonishingly detailed? Do meticulously crafted and historically accurate clothes and costumes excite you? Look no further than Grasshopper St.! Here you will find an amazing collection of gorgeous head gear, many with HUDs for you to choose your favorite color combos. Some clothing / costumes and jewelry here too, with the same hyper-attention to detail. Love love love!

Mieville's 13th annual Renaissance Hunt - Visiting Grasshopper St.

Phew, that concludes our Ren Hunt tour!  We made it through every shop in our 13th Annual Renaissance Hunt! We so appreciate all the participating merchants and their generosity in providing a Hunt gift and inviting us into their shops! Besides seeing all the great creativity out there, I personally have really enjoyed visiting all the shops and seeing the different ways people have set up their shops plus the specialized products they offer. 🥰 Hope you all have enjoyed this Ren Hunt Tour series and that you visit each shop! Thanks for reading!

Your friendly Mieville Librarian and Hunter-Shopper-Explorer,

Credits: Photos by Farzy